Workshop 2


Whilst the participants were taking photographs, Samantha ran a drop-in session on Monday evenings for an hour where photographs could be uploaded, cameras could be charged and exchanged and any technical issues could be resolved. This also meant that the time at the second workshop could be used primarily to discuss the images taken.

Community Discussion

Instead of one-to-one interviews, the photovoice method promotes group discussion. The second workshop was a roundtable, led by researcher Angela Gullone, who had questions prompted by what the research team discovered by looking at the photographs. These were mainly thematic prompts in order to keep on topic, as group discussions can easily be diverted and it was important to have a moderator in order to encourage those who do not tend to speak up to contribute their insights. The discussions were recorded for analysis by the Nursing Studies department at UoE and ESALA.

A Gallery Visit

Participants were invited to an afternoon at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibition by Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse called Ponte City. With an upcoming exhibition in mind, the display of photography was quite inspiring to consider ways in which their own images could be shown. As well as an exhibition in June at the Scottish Parliament, the participants were keen to host their own exhibition in the Serenity Café as well. Samantha had organised a selection of prints chosen by the participants to be framed as a keepsake, which they were able to collect here and take home.


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