Camera Training Workshop


12/01/15 at Serenity Café

A workshop and lunch was held at the Serenity Café with the participants from the study to answer any questions they may have, distribute cameras, discuss approaches to taking photographs and become familiar with the digital cameras. Samantha Rutherford held a slideshow which contained examples of photographs taken by participants from previous projects which dealt with the environment to demonstrate the variety of landscape subject matter they may want to depict. In addition, some basic advice on composition to get the best from there photographs and information regarding the ownership of photographs to emphasise that all the images taken belong to the participants. After lunch the group went outside to take some pictures. They were advised to look for 3 positive aspects in the environment and 1 negative aspect as a starting point. When they returned the group split into two to discuss the images taken and why they were significant in hindering or facilitating their recovery. As the participants are all familiar with the Serenity Café (which has for all been a significant factor in their recovery journey) and the surrounding areas they were easy able to identify positive factors. Images included benches were they socialised outside during the summer, the picturesque walk to the café and shop windows with fashions that reminded them of more positive times in their past. The participants all seemed keen and enthusiastic to take pictures and discuss the contents of the images. Some with keen interests in photography brought along photographs that they have taken in the past and others had already taken pictures on there own phones and cameras since the information meeting last week. The group have arranged the sharing of cameras with one another and an informal session on the 19th of January at the café will allow them to switch cameras and the images they have taken will begin to be uploaded to a computer in preparation for the second workshop, which is provisionally scheduled for the 29th of January.


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